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What People say

"Jenna is truly the most amazing support I have ever had. Jenna hugely contributed to our family at a much needed time. She integrated into the family professionally and discreetly, and quickly developed nurturing relationships with both our baby and older child."

"Jenna is an expert and well educated nanny and maternity nurse. She is trustworthy, professional, organised and proactive. She was able to quickly help us get into a daily routine that worked for our family, encourage positive sleep schedules and troubleshoot with breastfeeding and bottle feeding concerns. Jenna was able to use her expert knowledge on the many issues we came across with our newborn. Our baby napped and feed well from an early age and has continued to have positive relationships with naps and bedtime."

"As a person Jenna is just wonderful! She is such a friendly, kind and down to earth person. Very easy to get along with. We truly treasure and value the contribution she made to our family, as a mother I will never forget the time she spent with us and hugely regret not having found her for our 1st baby."

“The sleep coaching programme that Jenna created for us has changed our lives. She really listened to what we were comfortable doing and devised a programme that suited us and our 9 month old baby boy. 

Most importantly, Jenna’s support, reassurance and guidance through the whole process was invaluable and knowing that she was there on the end of the phone whenever we needed a bit of a pep talk or had a question was amazing."

"Following the coaching that Jenna talked us through, we now have a baby who is actually happy going to sleep during the day in his cot and it’s also improved his nighttime sleeping as well. We no longer have to take him out for a walk or a drive to get him to have a nap."

"We can’t recommend Jenna highly enough. She has a lovely friendly style and really works with you to suggest a programme that you are happy with. She works hard to understand your situation and addresses any anxieties you might have and supports you the whole way through. We can’t thank her enough”

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